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Great game! It always amazes me what talents can do in such little time. For a sequel, imagine the game ending NOT how we think, and the player is followed home lol. Damn good job!👍🏻

Sequel is in the works! This time we’re in space, and it’s 100 years in the future. Prepare for The Walking Fish: Final Frontier!

Halloween release is planned.

Also loved the gameplay. Good strats for avoiding the disgusting fish


This game was great! I don't know how, but that fish actually genuinely scared me at certain times! I had a lot of fun playing this. Here's my playthrough:

Thanks for buying the game! Loved the video by the way. You've got the spirit of a fish


Great looking game and fun to play. Really nice graphics, audio and movement (although I missed jumping). Story was to the point and convincing - the fish managed to scare me every time.

The only minus was the truly awful Fishsoft customer service.

Can't wait for The Walking Fish 2 and more games from these developers.

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Graphics look all good, selection on background track is haunted one (good one), i like how you kept interference with other object minimum and secretive also you never knew when fish will pop-up..... great work. :)

I’m happy you had a good time!


At first, this game seemed a little fishy.. But I enjoyed it!

Really glad you enjoyed it! I’m surprised you did so well on the first go around. You get an alternate ending for blowing up the factory from the outside


Nice changing codes and moving the objectives around. Also the feesh spooked me a couple of times. :D

Thanks for the feedback! :)